Clan war problem

I am facing problem in clan war in sec when we try to finish our war race our most of players are online and use there attackes continuesly and then suddenly we get msg like maximum participation limit reached because of this we loss our war race oppenent clan easily overtake us

i need help what i do for this

Can you provide your clan tag, and ideally link us to your clan on our site so that we can take a look?

Yes i am sending my clan link
Link :- $ YADAV $ #99Q98G0V | Clan - RoyaleAPI

Btw, I’ve submitted your issue yesterday but they haven’t replied yet. I will let you know when they do. That said, if you face the same issue again, please let me know, ok? Sometimes these things are one-off and is not necessarily recurring.

It’s not first’ time we face this problem but it’s ok whenever i will face this problem again i will let u know

When is the second last time you have faced this issue?