Clan Tracking Endpoint

HI There! So, not to waste time I would right away start with my Topic. I wanted an Little help from you. Actually I am Making and executing my own programs using the Official Clash Royale API
I wanted to ask about the Clan tracking Endpoint or feature, that’s there in Your Website, but in the Official Api ( I can find the Endpoint nowhere. Please help me out Telling me Where is the clan Tracking Endpoint in the official Api server.

@SML @alpe123 @Sean

It doesn’t exist in the official api. That is a service that we wrote on our own. Many special things that you see on our site is not directly available on the api. (But that you can indirectly write using the official api)

Also. We read all messages here. Don’t tag everyone in your messages please.

Ohh Okay.Can you please Suggest any Coding or programming app as couldn’t find one on IOS.
And very sorry, I will not tag onwards. I was as one of my friend told that if we do tag you get the notification, Though sorry.

You can ask on — unfortunately it is beyond our scope to provide tutorials on programming here.

Or… if @Gerry know anything, he can point you to the right direction.

VERY generally speaking, you don’t learn programming through an “app” on iOS. You learn by reading books or watching videos. Reading documentations and actually programming (doing it) is how you learn.

Thanks for the Link to Reddit. Yeah I I know Programming bro, but I am still learning, but I am not able to get an Safe Platform. And if I get an safe one, It has many bugs or problems, Though Thanks a lot to help me.
Regards Dragonemperor.J!!

Use a computer?