Clan Settings Edition info

In CoC when somebody changes anything it is posted in the clan chat, the change plus who did it, it maintains bad hand away form settings cause the leader will now everything.

In CR anybody can change everything and nobody know who was or when or what was the intention.

The clan log discord bot already gives the info about when something in the clan badge or description or joining trophies were changed but still doesn’t give that Info some leaders need when someone is playing with things they must not play and that’s really annoying some times.
It also cause confusion between the clanmates and a kind of guilty hunt that is not healthy in a good clan.
Iam pretty sure a lot of CR leaders will say thanks if somehow we can see who is doing that.
There is anything we can do about?

Not really because there is no event logs that’s accessible.

The way we know when something got changed (and I assume, the bot you use) is through polling clan info and finding when something got changed.

Diff will only let you know when something gets changed. It won’t know who changes it. These types of requests are generally hard to get supercell to implement especially when there are more pressing requests in the queue (such as bugs and universally requested features)

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