Clan Roles in Clan War Analytics

Great job on RoyaleAPI and the updates for the River Race! I have a suggestion:
As a clan leader, I would like to see the rank of clan members in the War -> Analytics page so I can decide on who needs to be demoted or promoted. for example, you could colorize the member names based on the rank , repurpose the M column to show a rank (M, E, L, or blank), or create a filter by rank.

Thank you!

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Welcome — is it possible for you to post this as a New Topic under
the Support category ?

EDIT: I have moved it to a new topic

Clan Role Display

We can certainly display the ranks for each member

Colorize table cells based on clan roles

I’m not sure if colorizing the rows with respect to rank is a good idea, especially when the tables are already colored by their relative values.

Filter by roles

We can however add a column or filter dropdown to filter.


I’ll add this to our todo list but we can’t promise a timeline.

& welcome @MightyHorse! Thanks for the suggestion.