Clan Leaderboard not showing all members in the leagues (PoL)

I did the optional update, and my clan leaderboard is only showing some people’s leagues, not others. Any idea why this is happening?
P.S. These players are in leagues.

Player provide:

  • clan tag
  • screenshot

Specifically, please provide:

  • screenshot of the player’s profile which clearly shows the player is in a league
  • screenshot of the clan’s leaderboard which does not show the player being in a league (missing icon)

@Chicken I have moved your message to a separate post as this is a support matter.

I have noticed that at least for people in my clan, those with league icons are those who have logged in since the update. So I would revisit this in 24 hours if that is still the case.

I checked, and more people’s leagues have showed up, these are the people that got online today. Thank you!