Clan info and Leaderboard Script

Hi There! I wanted a Small help of Programming and Official Clash Royale API Clash Royale API.

So let me start there, I want an Official API Clash Royale API script that can fetch Data about Clan and A leaderboard data Fetching script, if possible you can help out, I will be very graceful.
And Thanks in advance! I always knew this was the Best preferable site for this all stuff!


The official API is a REST API that sends JSON as responses. All APIs work the same way. it‘s hard to know what type of help you need since it’s unclear what you need help with.

Maybe get a copy of Postman and explore and figure out how to use that data. All programming languages can read JSON so it’s unclear what level of help is needed.

Actually, I meant that can you give me a Program script that Fetches Clan info. As I am Not able make one.
By the way Thanks in advance and Also Thanks for So early response!

There are no program script. Quite literally, you request a URL and it gives you results in JSON.

Use the built-in documentation if you don’t know what the endpoints are: Clash Royale API

Can you give the Postman Link of which You sent the screenshot of please as last favor.

There are no postman link. It sounds to me that you need a programmer. We don’t provide that level of support. Any one who can program will be able to use this. Ask a friend / hire someone.

No I meant The Program you wrote that.

curl --location --request GET '' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer PUT_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE'

I gave you the link to Postman up there. scroll up.

Can you just like share the File of the program you wrote. And sorry for wasting you time and Thanks for helping in advance

Can’t share programs with you. I gave you a CURL example which you can type into your Terminal. You still need to use your token. WE CAN’T GIVE YOU OUR TOKEN.

K thanks very much for This.

Sorry for wasting your time

Here’s a Python script using the requests library:

import requests

url = ""


headers = {
  'Authorization': f'Bearer {token}'

response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


Very much Thanks for Helping Me @SML! Sorry for wasting your Time. I got the most I could get in the topic thanks again

Reagrds Dragonemperor.J

Hi @SML. Sorry but I had to return on this topic.
So I had an Issue with the python script you gave up. The Postman script was very useful and I made Many Other Get programs so thanks a lot for it. But I need help in the python script. I was getting the Error name not defined message. I tried another program of the same on my own but it was also showing the same error. I am sending the Screenshot of the error Please help.

Sorry but programming help is beyond the scope of this forum. Maybe ask on /r/learnpython

It‘s a simple API with JSON responses. You’d be able to get better help that way then to ask here. You can also try asking on our dev Discord server: