Clan Battels CSV Export Button

Hi Team!

I was looking for the “Export CSV” Button by our Clan internal fights. Is it possible to get here anywhere on the data or add this button?

I only need the fights which we are have done on a friendly base in our clan internal chat. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

Sorry, but the clan friendly battles are aggregated in a way that is crucial for us to support certain special features. We have no plans to make this freely available for download. If you want to get them specifically for your clan, please ask a programmer to write something for you using the official API. It’s pretty straight forward.

Point to over to

Ok, thanks for the fast answer.

I will create an DC Bot for an internal King of the Hill tournament.

Actually i am working here on an internal Battle Royale Tournament. For that i need the csv :frowning:

Wish a nice day.

You don’t need a CSV. Use the API. Why do you need a CSV while when the API can do all of it automatically?

The BR i wanted to do it over an xls file. (here i will import the csv) I am an “real” Excel Expert :wink:

I will do it over the API now and implement it then in DC.


Big thanks for the hint with the API. It works great and i have my code.

One additional question: Is it true that it is only possible to report the last 25 matches per Player? Or can i find anywhere an Battlehistory?

Thanks in advanced.

Battle history is a RoyaleAPI custom implementation. The native API only supports up to last 25 battles.