Chest Keys

Since the pass royale re work the chest keys arn’t there for free to play players really the only way to get chest keys free to play now is just to pay 500 gems to get those royale tournament rewards for just 2 chest keys so could the chest keys be added to the season shop maybe please? Mabey each can sost 500 or 1000 season tokens because the old pass was somewhat broken down between the season shop. Thanks RoyaleAPI if you think this is a good idea making chest keys a thing in the season shop is a good idea can you let the Clash Royale dev team know please Thanks

Fair idea — are they really completely gone from free sources? I don’t have an easy way to check that easily atm.

Oh hi sorry I didn’t see your message yes the royale tournament is the only way to get them for 500 gems, the only other way pre update for losers was the old pass royale where I think you got 2
And the second and only other way were from the old events where some of them sometimes had a chest key or two but now its all season tokens, that’s why I suggested for it to be in the season shop
Sorry again
and thanks

Yes they are gone from all free to play sources except the royale tournament’s 500 gem cost for 2 chest keys at a certain number of wins