Cheaper Pass Royale with Google Play Games on PC?

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it doesn’t work

I’m from Belgium and I didn’t get anything. pls help.

interesting - i downloaded it, signed in w/ supercell id, used the $5 offer and got gold pass for $1

but it gets better - i signed out of the Play Games app, signed in on my alt Google account, then signed in with supercell id again, and used another $5 offer to upgrade my pass to diamond, paying a $2 difference
therefore getting diamond pass for $3 all while supporting RoyaleAPI :grin:


You need to verify payment method to see the coupon

That’s great! When we wrote this we completely forgot about the pass upgrade feature :sweat_smile: good tip

I’m in the US. I don’t have a code. In the purchase screen I’ve added multiple different payment methods and on multiple google accounts and none have resulted in me being shown a code. According to offer terms it’s available to select users “based on payment history”. I don’t have any past purchases with google play, so who knows.

In France it’s working two times, first i had 5 euros off and in second had 4 euros :wink:

Thanks Royalapi

Guys, I don’t usually do payments via online. I followed the steps, but I don’t know what payment method use. The details for the discount doesn’t appear at first glance? I don’t know how to work with these things. Help pls.

It’s likely you don’t have any code then, it should show up on the purchase screen.

Yeah, I just spent the 200 Rupees Free Google Play Games offer to buy Royal Recruits Evolution from the shop for free!!!

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Can someone tell if it worked in Canada for them or not ? I don’t buy from google play as i’m an Apple user and I can’t seem to find it even after i add Paypal as the payment method…

When will this offer end?

This is true i got 3 vouchers i dont know how but i managed to gwt a lot of stuff