Changing the displayed country in my esports profile

hey, i’ve put out a request to change the country of my esports profile to germany about 5-6 weeks ago since i don’t live in the country that gets displayed nor play in that country, i’ve gotten the 2022 20 wins in germany and live here also my ingame leaderboard is germany. upon that i’ve sent a message into the support section in the royalapi discord server and i’ve been told processing time up to 4 weeks is normal and that the person in charge of esport profiles is on vacation for 1-2 weeks. today i was told to make a support post on this site since the person in charge doesn’t read the discord support channel. i really hope you can help me, i’ve filled out the google form about 5-6 weeks ago. thank you :pray:

my tag is #2J9JV0GG

Ok, we’ll look into it