Changing esport info on my profile

Hey Royale api on my profile ( #9QGPVU2J)
Can you remove my Twitter and esport information (Twitter is asa and esport info like United States and team manager please)

Hi, this account is linked to someone else’s profile. To make changes it’s easier if the owner gets in touch with us directly.

I own these account. I have let a friend played on it for a couple months ages ago and maybe he claimed I don’t use api. How can I reclaim if I own them?

Do you have any other accounts that already have an esports profile?

No I don’t have an esport profile at all I don’t play competitive for a team just qualify the crl monthly. That’s why I would like I removed on this profile. If you need anything more let me know.

That’s not possible then. All CRL participants have the esports section in their profile

I didn’t participate in crl when I finished

All I’m rlly asking is to remove the Twitter which is my friends Twitter. And the esport info if possible

The account has finished in the Top1000 of ladder, so that’s why we consider it a CrL participant. We display esports information for all the players in the Top1000.

Yes I’m asking to change the name of the esports to ZUF (name change) and I’m asking to remove twitter

We’d need to know more details before we can do changes to these profiles. Do you have or have had other CR accounts?

no this is my only that isnt like a mini i use just for gt finishes. i can show countless evidence of me owning this account and getting finishes

to clarify im asking for esport name change to zuf and twitter removal

Sorry, we can’t do that due to the limited information we have regarding this player profile.

what do you need? ill literally provide anything including my friends word (twitter owner) although im the 1 who plays and now its me fully since 2020

Ok, for starters we’d need to know if you already have an esports profile assigned to a different account

no i dont have an espoort profille from another account