Change my esports api name

hi i want to change my esports profile name from “Maxiutu” to “Mxtk1ng7”

Hello, you can use the following form for your request: RoyaleAPI esports profiles.

We do not allow any kind of name in esports profiles.

It’s important for the name to be readable and to not have special characters; leet-speak is NOT allowed either.

If you want to submit a name that follows these rules, we’ll review it again. If not, the name will remain as it is.

sorry bro english is not my main lenguage and i didnt understand that reply, but i want to know if the name Mxtk1ng7 is viable for a sports name after reading that

No, it’s not

sorry for asking but why is not viable? Maxiutu was my name like 6 years ago when i created my account and now my name is mxtk1ng7