Change Esports profile for one account

Can y’all help me update one of my accounts to a new esports profile. I think I have submitted a form to do this but not 100% sure. The account is #GPYUCY9R . As of right now, it is 1 of 4 accounts under an old esports profile. I can provide any proof if needed, just send me an email.

Please explain in more detail the changes that you’d like to see. We do not delete esports profile

I am trying to create a new esports profile and move the account to that esports profile. Is this possible? I think I submitted a request for this, but I can try to submit again if needed.

Sorry, it’s not possible to create a new profile with this account

why? the account information is not accurate. so can you remove it then? instead of adding new esports account?

No, not possible

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