[Carnage] Create esports profile

I requested changes to my profile through Google form (change name, update social links) but nothing happened, please help me asap

Ok, I’ll look into it

did you see the form, nothing happened yet… :frowning:

I want to add my second account: #QGVLPUQY8

Hello! My tag is 2PQPCPJCG.
The basic information (country, social media links) are missing from my profile. May you please fix these things? Thank you

I made a request through Google Forms but nothing happened yet. I also want to remove my second account from my profile: #QGVLPUQY8

Ok, we’ll look into it

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@alpe123 still nothing changed… Also i want to delete my second account from my profile: #QGVLPUQY8

Hi, please read this: