Card mastery reward should be 300 gems not gold

300 Gems reward not gold please


I agree with that for sure


We want 300 gems back👍🏻


I agree with you

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I agree 10000%

Like for supercell, this doesnt even affect the game much, and most of your incomes are probably from special offers and passes not gems, think about this. If you bring this back it would allow more players to actually start getting better and buying more emotes and having fun, and the reputation will go up by a lot. Gems don’t even do much, and after maxing out about 8 cards player will only be able to get one champion from one kings chest. This isn’t much, as a champions required like 50 to max out. Please actually consider the 300 gem mastery

At least enough gold to upgrade a card to level 13.

yeah agreed, 8000 gold does literally nothing at all