Card mastery for whole clan

My clan has started some friendly banter and competition around card mastery levels, it would be great if there was a way of seeing the whole clans card mastery levels in the one spot rather than having to go into each persons name individually or self reporting in the clan chat.

This is tricky because it requires 50 parallel requests. It’s not impossible BUT if we allow said feature for everyone then it would severely add load to our entire system. I can think of creative ways to do this but I’d be very cautious about implementing this — especially if we promote it.

I will think about it. Exactly what do you hope to see? Do you want to mastery for all cards?

Essentially what I was hoping for is the summed total for each player - ie at the moment my mastery score is 347, so being able to see the respective number for each clan member on the Info page for my clan.