Card “fun fact” tips

Hello, I’d just like to start by thanking you to take the time to read this. My idea has something to do with decks. In a players account, it says what decks they’ve used in the past 7 days, i was thinking if a player was looking for tips on how to use your deck, you could also generate a few tips on how to use a few cards (maybe WC and spell/Champion), because this way it can help them to further understand the deck they’re trying out.

If this is too complicated I understand, but I think it may be a cool thing to introduce to RoyaleAPI. Maybe if that’s too complicated you could make a blog with a few tips for popular cards.

Anything that would require someone to manually write will take a lot of effort. First, they will have to be an expert on the decks. And then meta changes frequently — sometimes within 5-7 days. We simply don’t have the man power to do that, and if we’re to hire someone to do it, the traffic is not high enough to justify making custom content that could be irrelevant within 5 days.

Making generic tips at a card level can potentially work, though I will have to think about it — this goes back to writing the content. It really takes a card expert to write useful tips. I’m not saying that it won’t be useful, but when you have limited resources like we do, then we need to prioritize features that will be universally useful and have high impact to our users.

We’ll think about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

No problem (: I never realized that a meta could shift so constantly, and I never considered the “expert on decks” issue so I apologize for that. I just thought that this feature could be helpful for players that are new to the game or struggling in a competitive arena. (Ex. The shift from arena 14 with cards varying between 9-11 to arena 15 with cards varying between 9(new to arena)—14 (P2W or stuck for a long time) is huge so this could’ve helped. As long as it’s still on the the table I’m happy, because this could help make Clash Royale a bit less reliant on just spamming everything at the bridge in lower and mid level arenas. Thanks for considering!

It really comes down to this — although we we have a fair bit of casuals using our site, we also have a very strong pro community using our site on a regular basis. These players are very vocal on social media, if we put casual tips on decks, it will quickly become laughing stock if even the nuance is not addressed.

Also, meta. It really changes very quickly. While you have evergreen decks like Hog 2.6 and Pekka Bridge Spam that survive for many seasons, the truly powerful decks that you would want to learn goes by fairly quickly. A one-card substitution often takes over when it gets discovered.

Back when balance changes happen every month, the same deck could evolve in multiple forms over time, but will eventually disappear after 2-3 months. Now that the balances happen every 2 months, they do still come and go fairly quickly. If the true potential is to help players go into the competitive scene, then these tips really won’t be enough.

Oh ok. I’m sorry for wasting your time then. I didn’t think of those factors when I thought of this idea, and was thinking from the casual perspective being a causal player that plays CR for fun. From the pro perspective I can see how this is a waste, considering that it’s likely they have extensive knowledge of the game. Thank you for at least considering my idea! If I come up with another idea I’ll do my best to consider these factors.