Card Evolution - Clash Royale 2023 Q2 Summer Update

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RIP F2P. 50,000 Elite Wild Cards per Card is TOO MUCH. I may understand it for Champions but for every single card? Too much.

Card Evolution seems good but the system to unlock them is too tedious for F2P

How do you know that it will cost 50 000 elite wild cards? was there a leak or am I just stupid?

In the pictures it says 0/50k cards

Looks like they will be adding more value to Pass Royale. They removed the Magic Coin and the Books of Book and will now be adding Evolution Shards and most likely Elite Wild Cards as well.

Maybe it’s a placeholder, because the card lvl is 11 - it’s the dev build. So maybe.
But more important in my eyes is the question: will we get the 10 shards we would get from lvl up chests, if we are already lvl 50? Like me?

And as i see it, only diamond pass will get the 6 shards - that would be so frustrating and more money grabbing from their side - nothing with „we heard you loud and clear“ (lvl 15 gold costs)

There is an error in the description at the top
“An in-depth look at what card evolution is, with evolved Barbarians['] stats and more.”
There should be an apostrophe there.

In the official level 15 gold cost video you can see one royal giant card convert to two elite wild cards. If that holds truth, the conversion should be 2, 20, 200, 8,000 and 16,000 from common to champion based on the card value. That would mean 4 royal wild chests (excluding the champion card) would be enough to level up a card from 14 to 15, meaning it would cost less than what it takes to currently level up any card from level 13 to level 14. That is if you already have level 14 commons, rares, epics and legendaries.

The concept of an evolved royal giant is quite frightening.

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It’s a lot, I mean to level up a common card 13 → 14, you need 5k cards and 100k gold. Now we would need 25k common cards to upgrade 1 card. I am maxed and I like to have new things to collect, and it looks like it’s going to take some time.

Clash Royale please consider how complicated this thing is turning out

Keep the game simple, and clean things up. If anything, keep this as an event, otherwise the community is going to rage hard on this is going to be supporting P2W players in the future.

Clash Royale is kinda turning into other games that are swamped with manipulations to keep players enjoying the game and updates to the point a new player gets overwhelmed. I love this game, but please keep this game simple so its easy to play.

No, evolved cards must cost more than the original card in terms of elixir deployment, as they have more health and damage than their regular versions. At least evolved Barbarians should require 6/7 elixir to deploy.

They released the conversion rate for elite wild cards - in the game news - 2 elite cards for 1 common; 10 elite cards for 1 rare; 50 elite cards for 1 epic; 200 elite cards for 1 legendary; 500 elite cards for 1 champion - you will need 50k elite cards for one lvl 15 card - so no more speculation and no placeholder as i thought …
Oh and book of cards any gives you 5k elite cards - the conversion rate for all other magic items is the same like their equivalent rarity card ( 1 common wild card = 2 elite cards and so on)

Bro just look at the images, it says that they’re the same elixir

The conversation to ewc is totally fair. Maybe champions could be valued more, but that’s a good news for f2p

Will we get shards from level up chests retroactively? I just leveled up a couple times from Slash Royale and it’s taking even more and more experience for each level up chest now.