Cannot view my battle history and decks

I cannot view my battles and decks from half hour ago, However I could still visit other’s api and check their battle history, except for my own

I only can view my home page and cards in api, but for battles and decks, it stucks and displays the 503 error, However the server should be fine since all other’s api is working properly, so that’s should be another error occurs instead of 503

If somebody can fix the problem, I would be grateful
Here’s my account with screenshot
CR Name KamiareX


The problem is solved, I can browse all functions of my api (Including Battles and Cards)
However, I don’t know when it had been fixed (As I hadn’t browsed my API after I had created this topic, and I browsed it just a few minutes ago), and don’t know what the reason caused this error (Maybe server error?)
Anyway, Thanks!