Can’t log into my account

Help!!! I bought a new phone and now I don’t have access to my account… tried everything, contacted support- didn’t help! What to do? Don’t want to start all over again.

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Try to use the Google Play Games Sign-in button that you may have used to play Clash Royale before with your Recent Gmail address if you’re an Android User. I have a heartbreaking story that I’ve lost my 4-years-old Clash Royale account because I’ve tried to change the Supercell ID without knowing anything before and sadly lost it. After losing my Clash Royale account for more over than a year, I was wondering and went wandering around with the Clash Royale’s Settings button with my new 6 months old account, (Now it is 7 months old xD). I tapped the Google Play Games Sign-in button accidently with my Mom’s old Gmail Address that I’ve put in the Google Play Games accounts login section a long time ago, and I found out that there’s a sign of word says, “Do you want to Log-in with the King’s Level 41 progression that has been previously saved?” Or something like that.

I continued accept it, my eyes then saw up the Bright Light Memories from my 4-years-old Clash Royale account in front of my eyes! My reactions were shockingly happy, scratching my head, became relieved and really grateful! :grin:

Idek if this woulda work for you if you’re uhm~ maybe an, “Apple” user, but hey it worked for me so it might work for you I guess?

Fun Fact: my 7 months old account has a King’s Level 48 which is more level than my 4-years-old account’s King’s level xO and it’s kinda strange to see up my old Progression in Clash Royale… (I was a total Noob back then in Clash Royale when the Season 1 exists).

Btw sorry for any language mistakes, because I’m not a native person :pray: