Can’t link my twitter on my Royale api profile

Hi, I’ve been trying since few months to link my twitter on my Royale api profile, I’ve multiple times tried to fill the information needed in the specific form, but my royale api profile hasnt been updated, could someone help me please ?

#28RVJUYGL ( “ F a n t a s m o “ this is my profile)
@FantaSmo_cr ( => this is the Twitter to add)

Hi, please read this:

Hi alpe, thx for your answer
But for real I can’t understand why could I not get my twitter linked to my Royale api profile, I know I’m not an esport pro player but I’ve participated to few competitions and performed few times on ladder and on global tournaments

Also, wanna add that on my Royale api profile I’m missing a top1k global tournament badge, could you check on that ?

That usually means that you failed a Fair Play check. Expand your GT results section for more details

Uploading: F3CB1EE8-0041-4E58-AA32-A5F63A880F5A.png…

Im missing on the royale api profile , a GT badge I got , the one I finished top 284

As I said, you probably failed the Fair Play check

So? Can’t you fix this ?

No, there’s nothing to fix here

Lol can’t even do your work properly

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