Bomber Evolution - February 2024 (Season 56)

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The evolved bomber will surely be annoying due to its bounce, 1 cycle, and spell resistance. However, its other competitors are also strong- evo archers and evo firecracker.

In cycle decks, evo firecracker will keep its spot due to anti air.

In heavy decks, it will compete with evo archers.

Evo archers have high damage, long range, and being able to split, so evo archers give high breakthrough.

Evo bomber has medium damage but with splash, bounce, quick cycle, and low cost. It is quite annoying to defend against evo bomber because it cycles so fast and costly to kill with spells. The key is to combine with tornado; this will be so annoying because it’s basically magic archer but better (splash + higher damage). It may completely melt the defense troops with torpedo and deal damage to the other.

I do think it will be decent, and may be getting some nerfs if it’s too good to use with torpedo, like with evo firecracker at first release. It’s hard to balance; 2 cycle may destroy the card due to archers being purely better than bomber. Slight HP nerf is possible, but won’t make a big difference due to the need to survive arrows.

One possible nerf is to only deal 50% dmg to crown towers to lower the bounce effectiveness.

Overall, the evo bomber will be great with heavy decks (golem) and tornado. It may bring the meta from cycle decks to some heavy decks involved. Hope this doesn’t dominate the meta.

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Make the evolved ice spirit 1 cycle as well. Compared to the evolved skeletons(1 elixir evolution) it doesn’t compare.

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Maybe ice spirit should be 0 cycle- it’s that trash compared to other ones.

Drill gonna be super meta next season.

Drill is not that synergized with evo bomber; evo bomber’s range is 4.5 tiles and then they bounce further, unlike evo firecracker, which has range of 6 tiles + extra bullets.

Have you ever heard of Tornado?

Yikes. 12 Evolutions released which means 72 shards needed.

Including the Season Shop shards, F2P will only be able to earn up to 38 shards, just about half of the required total.