Better war statistics

I appreciate the already existing statistics of war on royaleapi. We lead a competitive war clan where each battle matters and was hoping an improvement in war statistics.

What exactly I mean is able to see all details of previous war days. So that we can see exactly how many battles is missed by each member on previous days. This is very useful for war days. Currently how we are able to see remaining battles is by checking royaleapi just a little time before reset time to see who haven’t attacked.

If we miss this by mistake we don’t have the data to check who missed previous day. Total decks used doesn’t help because it counts training days also and training days aren’t important for us.

War tabs page-

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It’s not possible as that would require us to be indexing all the battles from your clan round the clock. As we don’t have direct access to the Supercell database and can only fetch the last 25 battles of a player, doing this for every clan + players will quickly become a resource hog.

You can do this easily yourself if you write a program yourself. We also do that for our own clan family. This is simply not something we can do for you. Basically, if we do it for a few clans, it’s possible, but if we are to do this for everyone across millions of player accounts then it quickly becomes impossible.

Don’t think I am asking to keep new data but already data in the database. Not asking to keep track of all battles of clan but only clan war battles. We usually have only 2-3 people missing war per day in our clan. So only need to keep track of defaulters. The data is available right before the reset time of how many battles remaining out of 200. So you can tap it as in the photo attached like in game. So hope data is available for atleast one day after the reset including the last day data.

It maybe as simple as seperating the training days battles in total war decks used like how boat attacks are seperated.

It’s not possible. The data fields you have posted are directly sent from the Supercell servers. So we are limited by what they have exactly, which is not broken down by days.

We have already previously asked if it’s possible to break them down by days but they decided not to do that.

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I have the same problem as you do. Normally I screenshot all the war attacks used/unused and add them to a spreadsheet, but because I had something on the final week of war, I wasn’t able to get an accurate screenshot when it comes down to the last minute of each war day.

It was proposed that RoyaleAPI would ask Supercell about constructing the war days seperately from training days so it doesn’t confuse Leaders on who did it and who didn’t do it. It sucks unfortunately, but can’t do about it cause Supercell doesn’t like to focus on that

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@SML If we requested you to import data only for the week we’re asking for, would that be possible since you are doing it for your clan family?

@Fly_Philleh_Fly I can’t do this for you just because you asked — if 1000 other people also ask me for favors then what should I do then?

We also don’t keep battle data forever. And it won’t be able to backtrack battles that were not indexed previously — Supercell API allows fetching the last 25 battles only. Once gone, they are gone forever.

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That was one of the reasons I asked. Since you can’t you can’t. What type of program would need to be built since you’re already doing it for your clan?

If you know how to program then the answer is very obvious. If you don’t know how to program it’s hard to explain to you what is needed.

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I see. Had to ask. Didn’t lose anything from asking but thanks anyways!

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