Best way to treat toxic players

I played a clash royale match tdy and my opponent spammed the laughing emote when he won. I want him to get banned for that. I h8 clash royale because of its toxic players. I know i can turn off the chat but i saw my opponents emotrs already so i got angry. Why cant there be a report button in every players profile.

Pls ban player #R8GC2QVRL

I h8 those emote spamming turds because i have anger management issues and when I lose in a match, it doesn’t help my mood when my opponent laughs at my face.
Thank you!!
Btw my CR name is Wizard


Please contact in-game support if you’d like to report about players. You can do that in-game or use this link:

We are not part of Supercell and won’t be able to help you with these matters.