Battles history

When you click in a player battles tag, you can’t filter for all specific type of battles. I think that you can filter only for a short list of battles, with low options

Otherwise, if you go down, and you wait while some battles are charged, you will find a button to advance to a new page:

Is It possible to go easily to that page from your web, avoiding to do the anoying process to find that button at bottom of the page? (you have to think that you need to wait charge games before you can find that button)

You need to be registered to access to the second page /history. if you let to click at top of page to go there, i think it could be enough

Battle History uses significant resources on our site, so it is a login only feature. It also prevents us getting scraped.

That is ok. I Only ask to add a button to go to battle history at top of the battle page, avoiding to scroll down searching this button

There’s a business reason to not have a button on top. Sorry.