Battle replays leaked elixir bug

Hi, it seems that the battle replays on the site show bad values of leaked elixir for battles with elixir golem, possibly the elixir received from destroying it isn’t counted in. The CR API now show leaked elixir in the battle log and these values are much too different. I know you don’t get information about destroyed units but you could try to use the elixirLeaked value from CR API.

The elixir leaked is calculated from replay data, which is very involved. The elixirLeaked value is very new (~2 weeks?) and was never implemented — though we implemented it today so you should see them now.

Nice! Seems to be OK for single battles on the team side but incorrect on the opponent side. For duels, the elixirLeaked has to be added up from rounds, the PlayerBattleData level elixirLeaked value is wrong (just copied from the last round).

Replays for duels doesn’t work because the replay data is in a single file (it’s not separate into all games). This is a known limitation since Day 1 and requires data changes from Supercell — but is not being addressed.

Opponent leaked elixir is now fixed.

As a heads up — it‘s unlikely that the duel replays can be adjusted any time soon as it requires help from Supercell to separate the games. They have much higher priorities, including many outstanding issues that we deem to be more important than battle replays.

Hi SML, it seems that the API has changed overnight. Today the elixirLeaked values are 10000 times lower than yesterday and thus there are zeroes everywhere…
Do you get any info about API changes as a CR partner? It’s quite difficult to notice all changes if they are not announced…
I think the elixirLeaked values could be used even for duels if added up correctly, it’s not dependent on whether the replay data is separated or not. You can just add up elixirLeaked for all rounds and show the sum as the total for the whole duel.

Yes — they made the changes yesterday but I just saw it now so an update is being deployed.

re: duels - maybe later — since I am going to Helsinki very soon, I don’t want to add any potentially feature breaking things into the system as it would be very difficult for me to fix things when I am away. So the soonest I can look into this would be in October.

Thanks. Is there any public channel for the API changes or is it for CR partners only?

There are no such channels. Supercell partners have channels with Supercell but I can’t discuss them publicly.