Battle Ram Evolution - April 2024 (Season 58)

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Even a tombstone, a hard counter for battle ram, doesn’t counter it. Bowler’s usage rate about to skyrocket.

Should mini-pekka be buffed to ignore knockback now? To add a cheaper counter to the Evo Battle Ram. There’s a lot of bowlers too that get through mini-pekka (a metal character).

Evo battle ram knockbacks tanks.

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1000 season tokens for 100 banner tokens is a bit expensive, it should cost 900 or 800 season tokens, it doesn’t sound a lot but it will effect

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Yeah I only just realised this when I watched a video (was expecting Pekka to stay still)… this shouldn’t happen… the “knockback immune” troops should stay immune… heck even do the same to little princes ability. Adding my suggestion for mini-pekka becomes immune to knockback and I think these are good steps to keep the evo battle-ram in check. Evo Battle ram will just replace hog rider, mini-pekka and dark prince in many decks… then we have to either be patient for a nerf or see a disappointment coming by the nerf if we buy the evolution.

With the full steps in place hog players can atleast use mini-pekka to defend against evo battle ram… and there’s giant mini-pekka and goblin giant mini-pekka that will stay alive in the meta and these aren’t favourites (winning odds) against pekka bridgespam.