Banned player stuck in clan

We have a player in our Clash Royale clan that was evidently banned. Showing up as a 404 when searching in Not sure why and frankly doesn’t matter. We cannot kick/remove him. When pulling up his profile in-game, we get a blank screen. Typically we get a page showing player information along with a red button labeled “kick” that provides this functionality. Again, for this player, this profile page shows up as completely blank.

I have submitted multiple tickets via the in-game support process to have this account removed. At this point, it’s been stuck for over 2 months.

Clan: Arms United 2
Clan tag: #LLCY0CYL

Player: ||Kevan|| 2
Player tag: #P9UCQ8R8P

Would appreciate any help that can be provided to have this account removed from the clan.


Reported. I’ll send an update when I’ve got any.

Thank you. It was removed 2 days ago (Saturday.) Appreciate your help.

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