Balance Changes January

Balance Changes


The Wizard buff would anger a lot of midladder players. A rework to 4 elixir and decrased damage would be better.
The Lil’ Prince has a ~63% use rate and you expect a light nerf to make it balanced. Make it die to fireball! You would still have a positive elixir trade if your opponent used a fireball.
The Rage is only op because of the goblin giant.
We need a Lava Hound and Magic Archer buff. Those cards were balanced (7% use rate for the Lava Hound and 13% use rate for the Magic Archer in Grand Challenge) but “Democracy” decided to kill them.
The Witch needs a rework :
-an hp buff to survive fireball + zap
-a damage nerf to not upset midladder players
-and make the spawn delay being decreased from 7 to 6 sec
The Golden Knight buff is ridiculous. When we decided to change the Mighty Miner’s speed from Medium to Fast, it was op.
The clone’s elixir cost decrease ain’t a rework, that’s a huge buff.
The Goblin Giant nerf might be too harsh even with a ~25% use rate because it had a below average use rate pre-August buff and the Lil’ Prince might have increased its use rate. I think we need to nerf him to right at the middle of pre-August hp and post-August hp.
The Giant Snowball’s damage needs to be consistant with the other 2 elixir spells like Rage and Zap.


Tornado and graveyard also need nerfs

The lil prince need more nerf other balance is good especially good to see the wizard back but i still don’t know why the nerf the rage

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I can agree with some of this ideas but overall these are terrible calls.
The evo archers need a huge nerf and that ain’t enough imo. The first shot should not hit the tower when at 1 hp so first shot nerf and also that 15% damage reduction isn’t enough, they will still melt everything.
I don’t know how I feel about the rage, I guess the damage isn’t the main issue.
Goblin giant hp nerf may be decent but I hope they don’t kill it.
Little prince is just too good, it’s mechanic is constantly a threat and it’s also the cheapest champion. I can agree on the guardian hp nerf, but I think it needs more.
Gk is just trash rn, I personally think it should deal more damage because at this state it’s just useless but the dash is kinda hard to balance.
Guards are actually extremally underrated, they used to have great usage in the last year world finals, at the moment are simply overshadowed by goblin gang and goblins.
Don’t touch the witch please, they tried already with a range buff, she was broken.
Wizard spawn damage seems actually pretty cool, I mean the other wizards have a spawn damage already so…
2 elixir clone is just broken

With that being said, I think that evo recruits still need a little nerf, evo ice spirit needs a buff, I won’t be surprised to see a nerf to 7 to the amount of maximum skeletons being spawned from the evo skellies (just because it’s insane to think that 8 evo skellies in case of weird spawn pattern true red-true blue can be a threat to the tower).
Lastly, I would love to see some other champions in the meta so I hope for some champions buffs, because if we are now in this spammy meta with recruits goblin giant rage, is because sometimes it’s better for the game not just to nerf the op cards, bu rather buffing direct counters to them.
To give some context, even with the nerf at the evo recruits, they are still op because bomb tower (the main counter to them) got heavily nerfed too. Knowing that the team will never buff bomb tower again, I think evo recruits must be nerfed then. I personally think that bomb tower rn is used purely because of evo recruits otherwise tesla is a much better option (for this reason royal giant is dead too), but even if bomb tower is kinda bad it’s still used because people love to run recruits goblin giant.

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