Balance Changes for Clash Royale July 2023 (Season 49)

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Why use gold as a measurement of value for the EWC conversion? These are the “old” overflow rates that aren’t even in the game anymore, and since lvl 15 doesn’t require gold directly to upgrade cards, this seems like a meaningless comparison to me

hello Royale API, i found there was a bug about my best season. Actually, i have gotten the ultimate last year, but my best season in the system is just royal champion. Could you please help me tell this with clash royal?THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

please make monk useable again. He has %3 usage rate in Ultimate Champion and %4 in GC. Nerf his ability and stats then make him 4 elixir. Playing monk is not worth 5 elixir.

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They shouldn’t change the common, rare and epic conversions, but the legendary and champion conversions are good. This benefits p2w people more than f2p people.

Tornado needs a nerf, a 3 elixir spell shouldn’t basically full counter hog and get a king tower activation, it’s also very good against all the evolved cards and all bait decks. Gotta reduce the radius by like .5 tiles

i think hunter needs a small buff cause he is only viable at the RG decks but everyone is using Phoenix over Hunter. He is now like meaningless since the Phoenix release.

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Tesla should get a buff to compete with other buildings like cannon, bomb tower and mortar.

Hunter should get a buff to compete with Phoenix mostly in the RG decks and to compete with musketeer in the other decks.

E spirit may get a buff cause ice spirit is dominating the meta with the usage rate of %30

Maybe the Cannon Cart can get a buff it has so much potential but its not a versatile card at all


Evolved Firecracker is too broken cause she deals too much damage to towers with the sparkle areas. When you play it at bridge it is guaranteed 1k damage to tower. It is so broken no need to explain too much.

Mighty Miner is synergetic with Firecracker decks. He may get a small nerf to his HP like %2-3

Evolved Mortar: Its first hit speed must be slower

Goblins card is too powerfull they may get a nerf but there is a lot of cards with goblins in it so it is hard to find a nerf to them.