Balance Changes - Clash Royale 2022 February (Season 32)

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Archer queen change is dumb, changing her speed while cloaked will make her unusable when she’s pretty low hp since you cant just activate her ability to force out a response and stuff.

Mini PEKKA change is weird, never heard a single complain about him among my friends.

Princes are gonna be weird af, can’t wait to see that pony fly

I think this patch would change the meta really big.
Lavaloon got a very big nerf, 2.6 hog, double prince giant, and prince log bait got a big buff.
Especially, because dart goblin, guards, and rascals are recently buffed, prince log bait would be really good right now.
However, the problem is that MK ram rider is almost not nerfed, so that deck will still dominate the meta I think.

make a post on the new card. i am super hyped

I’m pretty bummed over the golden knight nerf because it just makes him harder to use. In my experience the card is unplayable unless you bring tornado. At least now he’ll dash all the way to the king tower less often.

I love the changes, much needed

  1. archer queen will not do 1million damage with 0 hp anylonger
  2. compare Mini Pekka with other 4 mana tanks like Valkyr and Dark Prince… much needed buff