Balance Changes and more - Clash Royale 2022 Q3 Update

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Will task “Request some cards” will be given if I join a clan, but I don’t have card to request?(due to all card have been maxed), or I can roll for another task?

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I also got the same question. Since I am maxed out, I won’t be able to request cards. So what can I do?


Will royal wild chest contain guaranteed champion (or its wild card) after the update???

Same issue here. I also have all my cards maxed barb champions. So we’ll not be able to complete that request task.
Hope they address this issue and come up with a solution. A skip option or something will be useful

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Will “champion chest” be available in normal chest cycle?

@Darkknight Royal Wild Chest will still give you a Champion — but only if you have hit Arena 16. It won’t give you a wild champion. It will give you a random Champion just like right now.

@mahin As mentioned in the article, Champion Chests will only be available in the Trophy Road.

As I understand it, there’s a screenshot of Champion Chests being inside chest slots, so it has led to some confusion in the community. That behavior could only happen inside the dev build and will not happen in the real game.

@Ming_lol @kindking17 @oj_rohit14 If you run into this potential issue at launch, it will be fixed in the near future.

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Are you able to show the masteries of Phoenix and Monk?

Will the champion chest work like the legendary chest, in that it can unlock any champion in the game no matter the arena? Since the legendary chest can unlock any legendary in the game.
Also will we still have regular balance changes in December, since they said it will be every two months? And this is just an extra balance change. I would like to see the archers get a buff by having their hit speed decrease from 1.1 second to 1 second. A small but needed buff. As they are not that great in grand challenge and below average in top 1000.

Do you know what time on Wednesday they will release the update?

so you want to nerf the archers because they’re already not the best, they fully counter balloon if placed right, they’re just a great card over all. imo d they should stay the same. They also fully count a lone grave yard

How is that a nerf? If their hit speed goes down they attack faster.

Hi, I just noticed the chest cycle has been reworked. There are no longer any silver chests in your cycle if you’re level 42.

Could you please detail how the new chest cycle compares to the previous one?

It seems it’s gonna take forever to cycle to a Royal Wild chest now that almost everything takes 8+h to unlock…


@Waldo39 Hit speed is in fact measured in seconds in Clash Royale — instead of 1/sec as how we perceive them. The field in fact means Hit Time, which is the time required.

As such, the change is that it now takes twice as long for Goblins to strike their first hit. That is:

Deploy → 0.2 sec → Attack
Deploy → 0.4 sec → Attack

It is 100% slower.

I was replying to Ethan, about my original comment where I said I would want to buff the archers by decreasing their hit speed from 1.1 seconds to 1 second.