Badges tournois manquant

Bonjour , sur le jeu j’ai 2 badges tournois mais sur RoyaleAPI il n’est affiché qu’un des deux tournoi . Est il possible de me le rajouter ?

  1. provide player tag
  2. screenshot that you should have that tournament badge
  3. something

this doesn’t have enough info for us to help you

Player Tag #2P0VYP90


It’s the tournament on 2 Februar 2022.

The short answer is that I don’t see you on the leaderboard.

The long answer is that this is a new feature implemented by Supercell and we don’t know if:

  • players (you) have done some things that remove you from the leaderboard (there are LOTS of reasons where that would happen)
  • there is legitimately something wrong with the implementation

And more importantly, the in-game GT badge will count your placement as being acceptable even if you got removed from the leaderboard for other reasons.

Either way, we are not able to put you on the leaderboard if we can’t see. Sorry.