Bad precision in "decks used" in clan statistics

I know that the stats given are mostly controlled by supercell, but I wouldn’t know how to ask them to change some things, that’s why I’m posting it here in the hope that it can reach them.

The “decks used” stat currently counts both war battles and training days, but training days should be totally ignored. A player can play every training day, but on war days play little and give the impression of being very active with a low score, making it impossible to determine the player’s real strength.

Similarly, displaying the direct sum also becomes problematic. Let’s say there are 2 players, both with 12 decks used, one of them has 4 decks used on Thursday, another 4 on Friday, 4 on Saturday and 0 on Sunday, the other has 2 decks used on training, 4 decks used Thursday, 1 on Friday, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Because of the way war 2.0 works, the first player can be of help, the second can strongly harm the clan, but by giving the participations and medals directly as a sum, it is not possible to know this just by looking at the statistics, and if you add that the training days are also part of the sum, this it becomes very chaotic

Something also important, a player may not have played on Sunday,

Something also important, a player may not have played on Sunday, since his clan arrived a day before the finish line, this takes away a day of battles where medals cannot be made, making it seem weaker and inactive than it really is, since the data of arriving a day before does not appear in the statistics

Your page has helped me a lot to make my clan grow and has strengthened it a lot, I thank you very much, But as we get higher, and the opponents become more difficult, I feel that I need more precision to determine and compare the real forces of the players, so that the clan improves faster.

We all feel the same so you don’t need to reason about it — but it’s not something that we can do about it as the decision was made by Supercell.

We have asked for it to change to war days since it has ever been implemented.