Ayuda pls my profile

Poxa already 1 month ago I asked to update my profile on the site and did not respond. could i send the updates to you in the disagreement messages?

  1. Post a link to your profile
  2. What is a “disagreement message”?

I typed wrong . it was a message in the discord app, i’m brazilian, i’ll leave my profile link below this message

???ayuda por favor

The person responsible for esports profiles will respond when he can. I am not the one. I asked you those questions because I know that those would be needed.

Estou esperando po

I also request the pro tag, will it take too long to answer my question?

you don’t meet the requirements for the pro tag. There are specific requirements listed here:

But please wait for @alpe123 to answer this I am not responsible for this. He is busy and will reply to you when he is able.