[Antho] Create esports profile

Hello ;)I’m new to royaleAPI I’m looking to add an esports profile. So I sent a request but I have a few questions. Are we obliged to have a network such as twitter to have the esports profile?

My account #9YRP2RPPR

No, Twitter isn’t necessary, but it does help us validate requests

Hello, can you create an esports profil to my account, #9YRP2RPPR. My second account is #882GG0G9.
My Twitter @Antho__cr
My country : France.

Thanks :wink:

Hi, please submit this form:

Okay and everybody can have an esports profil?

No, we’ll check your submission and create a profile if it’s approved

Hi can you link twitter to my account please

My account is #9YRP2RPPR
My Twitter is @Antho__cr

Proof that is my acc :slight_smile:

You have already asked this several times, doing it again won’t change the results.

We review all the requests we receive, if your profile hasn’t been added that means that yours was rejected.