Amazon University Masters Esports Italy

Hey Alpe123 and SML,

Could you please add the missing achievement for the following players? Total 1000€ as Prizepool

Amazon University Esports Masters
Season 7 Italy

  1. ItzMatteo✨ #9YGJG8LP (600€)
  2. Wyze❤️Ultimo #202GUYUP (300€)
  3. Ares 強者 #88JVUCJ (100€)
  4. Evyal #Y09YU2 (no esports profile on RoyaleApi)
    5-6. TTM 大卫Rooney #GG8UC0CP
    5-6. Kype the Legend #CJQQJYGJ (“C_Leo” on amazon website - no esports profile on RoyaleApi)
    7-8. Forme✨ #LG0Y0UCC
    7-8. durighegghe #GJC0V0RC



For this player::
ItzMatteo✨ #9YGJG8LP

Can you please add the “PRO” label?

Do you need other information?

Thanks you

Best regards

Ok, yes, it should be added in around 2 weeks. Thanks for submitting the event information

Ok, thank you :blush: