All card tierlist

I’m going to be ranking every single card - that’s right - so comment what you think should be changed! BTW, I will not be using RoyaleAPI, and the regular form of evos are not included.

F Tier - Like always, Furnace, Goblin Hut, Clone, Mirror, Three Musketeers, and heal spirit are here. Oh, also barb hut.

D Tier - Cannon cart, Monk, Witch, Night Witch, Electro Spirit, Zappies, Flying Machine, Battle Healer, Wizard, Skarmy

C Tier - Most of all cards are here. Fire Spirit, Skeleton Barrel, Minion Horde, Rascals, Evolved Royal Giant, E-barbs, Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Dart Goblin, Tombstone, Evo Valkyrie, Musketeer, Battle Ram, Goblin Cage, Giant, Inferno Tower, Barb Barrel, Guards, Goblin Barrel, Hunter, Freeze, Dark Prince, Prince, Executioner, Giant Skeleton, Lightning, Golem, Ice Wizard, Princess, Electro Wizard, Phoenix, Ram Rider, Mighty Miner, Skeleton King. Forgot to say both Rocket and Lightning. Forgot to add Evo Ice Spirit also

B Tier - Also a lot of cards. Spear Goblins, Minions, Goblin Gang, Royal Delivery, Skeleton Dragons, Giant Snowball, E-Golem (yes it’s actually B lol), EQ (Earthquake), Mini Pekka, Pump (elixir collector), Rage, Baby Dragon, Electro Dragon, X-Bow, Pekka, E-Giant, Princess, Bandit, (Royal) Ghost, Lumberjack gasp, Inferno Dragon, Magic Archer, Sparky (it’s not as good as you think), uhhh and let’s just say Megaknight is in the middle of A and B, ok? I don’t wanna fight-

Wait I just skipped all of the evos for B - Firecracker (even though it’s so annoying), Tesla, Mortar, and I wanna say Bats, but that’s also in the middle of A and B.

Finally A Tier! - Goblins, Evo Zap (yup, A tier) Evo Archers, Evo Barbs, Evo Recruits (although they are scary), Hog Rider, Cannon, Fireball, Royal Hogs, Fisherman, Mother Witch (it’s so op lol), Lavahound, AQ (Archer Queen) andddddd stuff between A and S are Bomb Tower, GobG, Graveyard, and uh Bowler maybe.

S TIER - Evo Skellies, Evo Bomber, Evo Knight, Arrows, Evo WallBreakers, Goblin Drill, Poison, Balloon, Log, Miner, and Little Prince. Drill got the buff so

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