Addition To Esports Database

The Player Sagato #P098VL99V :de: And me Pyrの:sunny: #Y09YLRY9U :de:(Analyst) requested our Esports Profile Long Time ago, and nothing happened, now we placed 5th in GKR with Enosis Esports and Want to have our achievment in our API Database, are there possibilites to get this Added?

No, sorry

I don’t see Why, we got an official achievment, both of us are Wirkung with major big Teams, and still u don’t Want to Add us to the database? But there are a lot of washed People who get added?

The link above explains everything we can say

But why do players with legit achievments get rejected? You are updating a lot of profiles recently. And everyone git their gkr achievment besides us

Many players get rejected every week, it’s not unusual. Having esports achievements isn’t one of our requirements.