Add Second account to my profile

Good morning,

I would like to add my other accounts to my profile on Royaleapi.

Here is the Name and Hashtag of my main account: Aquaa✨ / #QLVYR8L0

I would therefore like to add these accounts to my main account on Royaleapi :

  • 水族✨A / #L9V2G2VLQ
  • :star:AquA™:heart: / #9VRG0C98V




Hi, you don’t have an esports profile, so we can’t add accounts to it.

Hi, I have friends who don’t have an esport profile but have had their accounts added to their profiles.

That’s not possible, “Known Accounts” is a section in esports profiles

How can I add my other accounts?
how do i create an esport profile?

Please read this:

I have completed the form, please look

I asked with the form yesterday to add my esport profile, how long will it take to be added?

Please read the link I shared earlier

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Good morning, I contact you because after having completed the form to have my esports information on Royaleapi, I have been doing it for several months but it is never added when I have completed everything correctly.

My hashtag is: #QLVYR8L0

can you answer please

Please read this:

ok, I’m going to complete it again, but he’s already done it several times

Submitting the same information several times will not lead to a different outcome