I recently broke the world record for Big Challenges in a week and I want to get this achievement on my profile. I was told to open a discussion and say the tag of my previous account so that they could assign me an achievement. I also want to get an achievement for GKR RedBirds #1, and #3 on Amazon University Esports Masters (UEM) Season 3, which was assigned on the previous account. My previous account tag #2JCVU9V8J

Hi, that banned account isn’t eligible to create an esports profile either. Could you let us know which account is the one you’ve used the most through the years?

I have used this account for many years (#2JCVU9V8J). There was an achievement for the Amazon University Esports Masters

Sorry, as I said, that account isn’t eligible (even if at some point in the past it did have an esports profile)

does this mean I will not be able to get my achievements on my profile in any way? why there should be an eSports profile, I don’t understand it

Yes, until we can validate your profile your achievements will remain hidden