Achievement badge request

Hi, I have a request for an achievement badge on my Royale API profile. I recently received a badge because I finished in second place at the thonon gaming fest (TGF) competition but last year I also participated in this event and finished third in the tournament on the first day. I also know that it is possible to get this badge from last year because I have a friend of mine who finished first on the first day of the tournament at the thonon gaming fest last year (Fr29: #2CURUV882) and he asked for the badge and he got it.
So I’m sending you this mail to see if it’s possible to get the achievement badge for my third place in the final ranking of the TGF competition last year. I still have some screenshots of the final result that I am attaching to verify that it is really me.
Here is my profile (Walix: #JJCLGQGJ)
Have a nice day,

Ok, we’ll look into it