A suggestion for lvl 15

I just got a new idea for lvl 15. Which will make lvl 15 much acceptable to F2P players.

  1. You should limit the card upgrades for particular king level. Like if I am level 11 then I can upgrade my card only upto level 12. Or if I am level 12 then I can upgrade my cards to level 13.
    Since the upgrades would be restricted after certain limits, so the pressure on players to max their cards would be reduced. It is just similar to clash of clans, where we need to upgrade our townhall for further upgrades.

NOTE - For those players who have already upgraded their cards. Don’t decrease their card level instead cap them. Or else many players will quit the game.

  1. You should add new tower skins for each king level. This will make this game more better and will make it more fun to see new levels. Where all can find new tower skins.
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Absolutely, I can’t agree more.