A Small Buff For Dagger Duchess

I watched the interactions of the new tower troop, i.e., Dagger Duchess, with all the cards in the game, and surprisingly, it doesn’t seem broken as it did in the first glance. I think it’s quite balanced, but at the same time, I also feel like it requires a small buff as it’s way too weak against tanky units. So this would be a really nice and small buff to the card in my opinion:–
Instead of Dagger Duchess’ ammo bar starting to recharge after she runs out of ammo, I think it should start to recharge as soon as she starts shooting, so that she would be able to shoot for some more time (a second or two) before running out of ammo, while keeping the maximum number of daggers in the ammo the same, i.e. 8.

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It already recharges once there are no enemies near even if she’s on say 4 daggers left.

Yeah, but this is the case when there are “no enemies” within the range of the tower, as you said. I’m talking about the situation in which there “are” some enemies within the range of the tower and the Dagger Duchess is shooting them.
When the Dagger Duchess is shooting the enemies, it looks like the ammo bar starts to recharge only after she runs out of ammo, and not immediately after she starts shooting.

Dagger Duchess does not need a buff buddy calm tf down. It already killed decks like logbait and is really good against cycle decks like 2.6 and mortar bait. Using the cannoneer and dagger duchess are sort of a small gamble because they are entirely matchup dependent unlike the standard princess tower which has the best consistency. The dagger duchess is already good enough with the extra health and I think a buff wouldn’t make any sense. Plus, when they released tower troops in January and April, supercell also didn’t add any balance changes because a new towertroop itself shifts the meta. This also might mean if Clash Royale consistently adds more tower troops balance changes could be eventually killed because there isn’t really a need for balance changes with different archetypes of tower troops. For example, is everyone is using the dagger duchess and Clash Royale decided to nerf the attack speed of the goblins, that would make almost no difference. Same if Clash royale buffed the goblins HP for some reason, cannoneer already one shots the goblins. The 3 tower troops in the game right now are all prety equal.

I agree with you they should buff it

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Well, if you compare Dagger Duchess only with the decks against which it is good, such as Logbait and cycle decks, it will obviously look like it doesn’t need a nerf. But a real comparison would be comparing all types of decks with Dagger Duchess and then coming up with a conclusion.
Secondly, about the extra health that Dagger Duchess has, Supercell has given it to the card only because she is extremely underwhelming after she runs out of ammo, but to me, the extra health doesn’t seem just enough. It is almost perfect in terms of making the card balanced, or more accurately, good in the meta, but it could be brought even nearer to perfection with the buff that I have mentioned in my post.
And about the balance changes, your memory might have been erased or something because Supercell did add some balance changes in January, when Cannoneer was released, and also in the month of March. Moreover, there’s no way balance changes ever get killed. There will always be a need for balance changes irrespective of how many tower troops or cards get added to the game unless all the cards are completely balanced, which is next to impossible.
And how can you call all the tower troops in the game equal? It would be okay to say that Cannoneer and Dagger Duchess are equal, but definitely not Princess. Princess is overall a bit better than both Cannoneer and Dagger Duchess, especially for the majority of players who are not at top ladder, because Princess can be used with every deck in the game, while Cannoneer and Dagger Duchess can be used only with some specific decks. This is because Princess is equally good against all the cards and decks in the game, but Cannoneer and Dagger Duchess aren’t. Cannoneer is extremely good against tanks but way too weak against swarm, and Dagger Duchess is really good against swarm (only until she hasn’t run out of ammo) but extremely weak against tanky units. It’s common sense…

Edit: Well, if you compare Dagger Duchess only with the decks against which it is good, such as Logbait and cycle decks, it will obviously look like it doesn’t need a buff (not nerf).

its already seems soo powerful, but if you buff it i think you should at least down the health so its health is the same as a princess tower

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Agreed… For a few days after the Dagger Duchess was released, I thought that the extra hitpoints wouldn’t really matter that much, but now after playing some more battles against it, even I don’t see any reason for it to have more hitpoints than the Princess. In fact, now I think that Dagger Duchess’ health should be decreased to the point at which it is equal to the health of the Princess not only if she gets buffed, but even if she doesn’t get buffed. Not to say that she doesn’t need the buff that I mentioned though… I still think that it would be a really nice and small buff to the card.