2v2 Ladder with external application

Nice to meet you :grinning:, I am a CR player from Japan :jp: and always use RoyaleAPI. Thank you very much. My English is not very good, so sorry it is hard to communicate.

【Main topic of discussion】
I contacted you because I wanted to make something like 2v2 Ladder (or I wanted you to make it).

I saw official articles and videos why 2v2 Ladder is difficult.
The main reason is that “allies quit in the middle.”

To solve this problem, we need to add VC function.
By using external apps, it is possible to have fun by separating in-game rewards from the game. (titles rather than rewards(gold and cards etc.)).

【Concrete countermeasures】
I would like to create a Discord server where people can enjoy 2v2 using Discord bot :robot:. (Or, I want you to create it.)
Currently I am envisioning a server that would be based on Mario Kart Central

【Use case】
1.Player registration (I plan to create a webpage)
Register Discord ID, Clash Royale Player Tag , (and If you register your friend’s CR Tag, we will give you priority.)

2.Confirmation of participation request (In Discord)
The bot will periodically confirm your participation request, and if you wish to join, you can announce your participation with the command (/can).

3.Create a VC channel and a text channel for 2-person pairs.

4. Create a clan and have friend battles within the clan.

5. Use the API to obtain battle histories tied to player tags and award trophies accordingly.

6. Repeat 2-5.

In 5, I am thinking of using the developerAPI or scraping from the RoyaleAPI csv to obtain the match results.
I am not sure if I am allowed to use these two methods, so I would like to ask for permission.(Naturally, I will do this on a non-profit basis.)

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to RoyaleAPI’s replies. Also, if anyone else has any opinions, please let me know. :grinning:

Besides the “allies quitting in the middle” problem, there is the “the population of participating pairs may be smaller.”
However, QLASH’s 2v2 is held once a week, and there are consistently about 100 pairs registered to participate. Also, Mario Kart Central Lounge, (which I would like to refer to), currently has over 10,000 participants. (The discord server has over 20,000 participants). Perhaps Clash Royale has a larger playing population than Mario kart, so I don’t think the population will ever be smaller.

【Please reply】
Whether it is possible or not, I would like to hear your opinion.
If my English is not good enough and you don’t understand something, please ask me a question. Thank you in advance. :kissing_heart:

I’ve thought about it a bit, and it seems like the easiest way to get the match results(use case5) would be to use Postman(https://www.postman.com/) and use the GET method of the http request. (I have a little experience with postman.)
The web scraping method is not very sensible, as it might overload the server (I don’t think it would be that big of a load.)

As for the remaining issues,
If we can create a Discord Bot using the discord.py library, I feel it is technically feasible.