10 vs 20 vs 30 Results Filter


I am curious to know what is the best filter settings (date range, search results, and which gamemode category) to find the “best decks of the current meta”. What I mean by “best” is for example, if I wanted to 1v1 my friends in a private tournament, what are the decks that statistically show that I have the best odds at beating my friends. I would also like clarification to know the optimal filter settings to apply to find the respective results for the best challenge decks (would I use Normal Battle or GC 12-0 filter)?

The second question I had was when I change the number of results displayed filter between 20 and 30, the results will change. This causes a disparity in the results that show up, so I am unsure of what the “true” best decks are in the game. I have included screenshots for your reference to explain what I am talking about. When I set all the filters to be the same and change the number of results displayed filter from 20 to 30, the filters show a difference in what they think is the #1 best deck. How am I supposed to figure out what is the “true” best deck then?

The deck search first search for the most popular N decks and then sort them. It is not possible to pre-calculate win rates for all of the decks given how many decks there are (there are trillions).

So when you get the 10 results, it fetches the most popular 10 and then sort it. If you select 30, it fetches the most popular 30 and then sort it. This is done as an optimization for resources. If we fetch top 100 and then calculate whether you select 10 or 30, the results will be identical at the expense of using 3-10x more system resources.

I understand that but from a user standpoint, that doesn’t completely help us figure out what would be the “number one” best deck if the results change from using size 30 filter versus a size 20 filter. If we want to figure out what are the best decks in the meta, what search filter would you recommend then in that case if the results are changing? As in number of results, date range, and battle type.

Normal Battle (default)

20 / 7d for normal use

20 / 1d (default) if you want to know the freshest decks, especially after balance changes.

Thank you for your response SML I greatly appreciate it!

Just out of curiosity, don’t you think the “best decks” would be the grand challenge filter with 20/7d and 11 or 12 wins only filter added on? Those challenges have money or gems on the line so people need to bring out their best decks, and the people who have gone 11-3 or 12-0 would more likely be using the best decks in the game right?

The win filters are there for completeness but you can’t really just use those to determine what is best. Also reminder that just coz a pro can routinely win with a deck doesn’t mean that you can.