Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale October 2023 (Season 52)

Hunter in desperate need of buff plz buff hunter

We can buff pekkahp and hit speed to 1.7. If that doesn’t work, we rework it and make its hit speed 1.6 and nerf its damage per hit but buff dps. If that doesn’t work, revert damage nerf.

Bro evo knight nerf is not enough. That damn thing needs to be nerfed to the ground. Also rework royal recruits so that they’re guaranteed to get charge damage when they lose their shields even when they’re not moving but then they don’t charge again after that. Also nerf ice spirit nerf goblins (back to 3 count) buff pekka rework mega knight buff wizard buff ice wizard nerf tombstone buff heal spirit rework fire spirit to have more range but less damage nerf evo rg recoil knock back nerf rg itself rework giant skeleton rework golden knight nerf mighty miner buff monk nerf skeletons alone (their stats)

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Hog Rider nerf??? Evo Firecracker nerf???

Nerf firecracker shes annoying and most over used card in mid ladder and top ladder

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Zap killing stab goblins is what made it so powerful at the beginning of the game! If zap killed goblins it would be used as much as log and barb barrel.

Hunter is pretty good right now but I would want to buff Hunter too he’s a fun card

Tornado requires lots of skill and you have to remember placements and it doesn’t even kill stab goblins it mostly just moves cards

Yes Ik it requires a lot of skill, liek I said I don’t know how to use it but to rose with do, tornado is the best spell in the game

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Balloon doesn’t need this kind of nerf balloon might need a nerf but not like this, this nerf will only hurt the higher skill balloon cycle decks and not decks like lavaloon. I will also like to say that marcher/magic archer getting a first hit speed nerf isn’t that bad it just means marchers are worse on offense unless they are played as a counter push which isn’t that bad because you shouldn’t be able to get 1000 damage from one marcher because your opponent wasn’t able to react in time or lagged.


You know that the prince is getting an evolution next season right? But I do agree that beatdown would be a nice change of pace because of cycle being so popular for the last 2+ years.

no, i play remi eli deck

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leave ice spirit alone

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Fireball and poison needs a small nerf. These two cards are on almost every deck. Three muskies can barely be used.

shut ur yaps

how do you know?

no marcher is balanced

I would like for the Bomb tower to have a rework, but keeping its initial nerf. Perhaps it can use a bit more hp(5%-12%) for the lower dps or a higher damage for the death bomb. I would also like to see a balance change(s) regarding the witch and the wizard. These cards are in a bad spot in the meta and have been for a long time. First, the Witch could use a hp buff to allow her to be able to spawn more skeletons over time. This would be better than shortening her skeleton spawn delay as it would not only help the witch be a better ranged support card, but also not synergizing with a spawner/clone meta as we have seen before. As for the wizard, I would give him a rework where he would do his normal attack but with a slight damage nerf and a smaller radius. To compensate, the wizard’s fireball would leave a sort of flame burst(or an ember/spark effect) that would come off the regular fireball and hit another (singular?) troop. This would do 25%-50% of the damage of the regular fireball that the wizard would shoot and would not do anything if there aren’t any other troops around. This flame burst would not be inclusive to the wizard’s fireball splash radius and would be separate from the normal fireball. I do not know if this split damage would need to have a crown tower reduction, but I believe the 25%-50% damage should be balanced. Overall, these changes are well deserved, but I would also like to see some more buffs to cards who do need more attention such as the cards previously mentioned.

no lets not💀 please dont share your opinion again

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good 3 musk should be deleted