Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale June 2023 (Season 48)

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What’s the point of nerfing poison? Around 10 months ago back when monk and phoenix weren’t in the game yet, nobody used poison and fireball completely dominated the meta due to cards like mother witch, flying machine, magic archer etc. being in most of the decks. Fireball got pushback nerf but nothing has changed (except fireball + log no longer defending hog) , after that monk was added and it’s ability countered those cards, not to mention phoenix being very good against them and overall replacing them in many decks, so mets shifted towards poison completely dominating the game now, especially considering that fireball was unable to kill phoenix egg after killing phoenix itself, unlike poison, plus being far worse against goblin and barb huts that got buffed. Now poison is getting nerfed, but what is this supposed to change? Alongside poison nerf, supercell has decided to keep phoenix just as strong, and also BUFF night witch by returning death spawn, which enables golem clone again. Does anyone unironically think that poison will be used any less when fireball is still useless against phoenix, while also now being much worse compared to poison if golem clone becomes a thing again? If Supercell wants variety in spells then consider changing other cards and not just nerfing spells one by one every two months, and if anyone thinks poison is too strong then this is a complete joke considering the fact it wasn’t used at all 10 months ago and everyone cried for poison buff/fireball nerf. It’s other cards that spells depend on. Fix the meta or else after a year we will end up with no spells being left to use at all.


my thoughts
those balance changes are terrible seriously buffing battle healer? we all know elixir golem is the most toxic deck and this will make it worse the other changes are fine but where is bomb tower nerf? MEGA MINION BUFF?and making archers first hitspeed to 0.1 and their hitspeed at 1.0 also zap should get buff its just so bad also nerf rg and graveyard whoever making those balance changes should get executed


I think it would be great if the other dragons (inferno, electro, skeleton) could get the same rework of a decrease sight range.

Also kind of disappointed with no wizard rework, but it is what it is. Maybe for the next set of balance changes.


I‘m ok with the most of the balance changes but don‘t agree on two of them. First of all, why nerf the poison? When Miner poison was so strong two months ago there were two options of nerfing it, nerfing poison or miner. Supercell decided to nerf miner. Poison isn‘t that strong as it was so if you do another crown tower damage nerf why not nerf all the spells? If not poison will end up in the same situation as rocket. The second thing is the battle healer and we all know that it‘s never gonna be good except in e-golem. So buffing it is completely unnecessary.


Goblins, ice spirit, mighty miner, night witch nad skelly dragons - all fine.

Dababy dragon - why make it? He’s perfectly balanced.

Ice wiz - I think this buff will do nothing. Just buff his dmg instead or something.

Goblin hut - more! more! MORE! Just pls kill this card, it shouldn’t even be balanced.

Battle healer - that might actually make her op. Just think about it, she’s basically gonna counter spells. For example: your opponent tried to poison your 3m, and boom you drop a healer on top and heal em up. Basically a heal spell. Instead, rework her: more dmg, less healing - making her more useful in other decks and less in egolem.

Poison - biggest controversial change imo. As much as everyone wanted this card nerfed, this might kill it just like it did with the rocket, and why even? It became popular due to the phonk meta, then miner and gy dominanting so poison comes on top, then op gobhut and now night witch buff. Poison was used so much to counter the meta, it’s a very needed spell, don’t nerf it. And I’m a graveyard player saying this.

Also, guess what’s the meta gonna be with a nw and a dababydragon buff and a mighty miner + poison nerf.


Phoenix damage nerf. It is always in the top 3 cards.


personally, this balances are good, but pls i do not want a healer buff, egolem healer is just so brain dead and mu dependent, i do not want the game to have them pls


I love the Goblin hut nerf and the Ice Wizard and Night Witch buff. I think those are definitely needed changes.

I also like the Ice Spirit nerf. I’m sad that it’s getting nerfed but it was indeed a little too strong on defense.

I’m also fine with the Mighty Miner nerf. He is above average right now and he’s used a lot in top ladder.

I however don’t agree on the Poison nerf. It’s not overpowered at the moment and it doesn’t need a nerf.

What I think that this changes will result in a new Golem Clone meta because of the nerf to Poison and Mighty Miner and the new death spawn of the Night Witch. Also Baby Dragon is now going to be harder to distract which may also help Beat down decks

I can also see 3 Musketeers rising in the meta because of the new Battle healer buff. Now she’s going to act like a heal spell when placed which will be used to revert some of the damage from spells (she will be used just like how the old heal spell was used). Also Poison nerf is going to help 3 Musketeers even more.

Poison nerf and the buff to Battle Healer is going to make Elixir Golem a bit better but I don’t think it will become good enough to be meta but if it does Executioner and Bomb Tower are going to solve the problem.

I suggest that you don’t nerf Poison and you buff the Ice Wizard more because the spawn damage radius buff isn’t going to do anything. It’s only able to kill skeletons and bats so either buff the spawn damage to be towards 200 or buff his regular attack damage.

I also suggest buffing the Rocket tower damage. Not by much. It should be a bit more then it is right now while also being less than when it got nerfed last time. Before the nerf Rocket had about average win rate and use rate but I see why you wanted to nerf it. It was very annoying getting Rocket cycled in Double Elixir but you nerfed it way too much and I feel like Rocket is dead rn.

I would also like to suggest a Zap buff /slight damage or stun duration buff/ because it’s outclassed by Snowball, Rage and Log in every other scenario except against Inferno Dragon, Sparky and Inferno Tower. However I don’t suggest buffing it this balance changes because it will help out Beat Down way too much

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-The buff to the healer is not necessary, in fact it will give an even better chance for an EG deck to win with even less effort since the enemy troops will be completely healed in a short time if you cast a spell on them, it would be better a buff that makes her better fending for herself and not depending on being tanked for her entire existence in the arena.
-The goblin hut needs more nerf, 3 goblins is very annoying and forces you to have poison or earthquake to get rid of that annoyance, it would be more decent if only 2 came out because the spam that is formed by leaving a hut intact by a spell out of cycle Has no sense.
-The ice mage needs more damage to spawn or attack, the range is fine but the difficulty of killing small troops being he dies to fireball is fatal.
-Poison is excellent enough to make it worse, especially in this meta, the one that needs to get worse is the cemetery.
-You need to nerf the Noble Giant more than the Mighty Miner as one of his best counters.


I think the Goblin Hut needs a bigger Nerf, since its still going to be annoying regardless
the baby dragon buff… i mean, ok? I don’t really care tbh
Night Witch buff I agree with, but it might be an indirect clone buff… hopefully that doesn’t happen
MM I also agree with
I think the ice spirit and goblins might need a bigger nerf just like the gob hut, but whatever…
Skelly dragons I agree with, they really suck right now
battle healer and ice wizard… just buff their damage for crying out loud, their problems arent their mechanics, it’s their damage!
and poison… ok, I’m gonna wait to see what happens

suggested changes: wizard rework, zap buff, golden knight needs a change in his dash mechanic (that ones a maybe though) and make phoenix 5 elixir and buff it or just increase it’s attack speed…

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All those changes are fine… except the battle healer!
Yes, the battle healer has very low use rate because she’s only effective in e-golem decks; however, buffing her will not make her viable in any other deck, it’ll instead make the e-golem decks more popular.
And it’s safe to say that no one likes facing e-golem.
There are 2 solutions to this change:
1- Nerf the e-golem so that the battle healer becomes less popular in e-golem decks and find its way into other decks.
2- Don’t buff the battle healer at all. It may sound harsh but some cards should not be touched because even the smallest buff will break them, for example spawners, witch, e-golem and battle healer.
And in case you went for the 2nd option, I’d suggest giving the wizard more love and attention

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Hi, I would like to say that the nerf to poison is unnecessary, also, and that it is not a very broken card since many cards together do not stop easily and poison is more feasible. With the other changes I agree and I like it.

Goblin Hut instead should be reduced to 2 death goblins and the log should be buff to 25% crown tower damage for consistency

dont nerf poison.

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Here are my thoughts on the balance changes:

Baby Dragon: Not sure how I feel about this one, if it’s getting buffed I’d rather give it a small HP or AOE radius increase.

Goblins: This nerf is a fine way to tone them down without affecting the other goblin cards. I’m hoping it’ll be enough to do so though…

Ice Wizard: It’ll let it do slightly better against Graveyard and swarm decks but idt this buff will do much in practice. I’d rather give another troop a more impactful buff than giving Ice Wizard this, but it also isn’t a terrible change so I’ll roll with it.

Night Witch: Time will tell but I have a gut feeling that Night Witch might turn out to be too strong if they don’t nerf something else about her. I’d nerf her spawn rate from 5sec to 5.5-6sec so she stays balanced.

Skeleton Dragons: Not so sure how impactful the deploy stagger will be but to me the buff seems like a welcome change, even though I think they’ll still be limited to Lava Hound decks.

Battle Healer: The buff seems completely nuts in theory but idt it’ll be too impactful in theory, at least for Elixir Golem decks. Instead I think we might see her used more with squishier troops that can benefit a lot from her healing, like 3M, Cannon Cart, and especially the buffed Night Witch. Expect her to be used to be a lot with the latter moving forward. I’m a bit concerned Elixir Golem decks will get popular again and become a huge issue with these two troops buffed.

Poison: Some of you are making a huge deal out of this nerf LMAO. It’ll still be as defensively potent as it is now since its move speed slowing effect will stay intact. This is just a slight nerf to spell cycle decks that use this spell to chip down towers which is a good thing to me.

Goblin Hut: I’d rather decrease its spawn rate so it spawns one less wave over its lifespan but this nerf is also a fine change.

Mighty Miner: I’m gonna be a bit nitpicky here, but with the return of Night Witch’s death spawn likely to cause a return of beatdown decks I’d give him a slightly smaller nerf since to make sure he can still reliably answer these decks. 4-5% should be enough to drop his usage while still letting him compete w/ the other champions. He wasn’t very good before his HP buff in December (when he had 2200 HP at lvl 11 instead of the soon to be 2150 HP) but it could’ve been because he was simply overlooked at the time.

Ice Spirit: Small yet effective

Overall I’d rate these balance changes a 7/10; the changes listed are solid for the most part, even if I feel a couple of other troops not on this list could use a buff (i.e. Goblin Giant, Goblin Cage, Pekka, Hunter, and maybe Mega Minion), but there is one extra change I definitely want to see added into the final version:

I would like to see a .1sec hitspeed reduction (from 0.9sec to 1sec) for Phoenix since it’s still a bit too strong. Over the past 14 days it has a 24% use rate and a 54% win rate. Much better than how it was before but it’s definitely still in need of one last nerf.

Besides that I’m very concerned with how impactful the Battle Healer buff and especially the Night Witch buff will be for Elixir Golem decks. In its current state Elixir Golem + Healer decks should only be a gimmick and something that should stay far away from the meta. We’ve seen how egregious this combo had been when it was popular in the past; I’m pretty sure it’s not an experience ANYONE wants to relive again.


I don’t understand why nerf poison. I think it would be good to nerf the phoenix, he brings much more efficiency than the mega minion.

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everything is good except the Poison nerf and the Mighty Miner nerf. what is the point of nerfing Poison if it is already balanced as it is? especially the Mighty Miner there is no need for a nerf. i really like all the other buffs like the Battle Healer, she needed a buff and especially the Night Witch. so far this update is alright but if they don’t nerf the Poison and the Might Miner it would be such a great update!

Where is tesla buff?