Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale February 2023 (Season 44)

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Honestly, I would be happy with these changes. AQ and rocket nerf are much needed, however i’m not sure why firecracker is getting a buff. Remember it is a 3 elixir card, and shouldn’t be too powerful. Last thing is that i would like to see a golden knight dash rework, or nerf, because the dash is very inconsistent right now and it makes the game look bad.


The monk is still bad, the elixir cost must be 4 again, and the elixir cost of his ability must be 2 to make him good.


Firecracker’s buff is technically a bug fix — not sure if you read the post but that’s pretty much added to deal with the occasional issue with her aiming but not shooting.

Golden Knight’s mechanic was changed in November:

If you have specific feedback about GK’s current mechanic, you can reply to Max’s tweet since I’m sure that they’d love to know your suggestions.

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I think if rocket is getting a nerf to building damage, it should get some other buff to make it a more viable spell outside of being a win condition. Like a travel time buff or small AOE buff to incentivize its use outside of spell cycle


Most of these are great changes. However the Phoenix nerf is pretty unnecessary when looking at it’s current usage and win rates. Instead a card like Electro Wizard should be considered for a nerf. This card exceeds the win and usage rate of phoenix and has been a key part of every single Pekka bridge spam deck. A slight decrease in health to the ewizard would help keep the card balanced.

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if you ask me itsjaydeee is right, we have to remember that rocket is a 6 elixer spel and has a very long travel time. if you put this next to lightning after the balance changes rocket is not even going to be used in logbait. a rocket nerf is needed (even a rocket player like me thinks so) but this nerf is to big.

i think that the tornado nerf is a buff. graveyard already has a hard meta and this will bring graveyard to the bottom of the arena. maybe make it so that it takes longer to suck troops to the middle.

as answer on redabsol, i think the phoenix nerf is needed, since it will make a lot of sense that the second one is weaker and phoenix is giving cards like the baby dragon and megaminion a hard time.


bro e wiz only have 8% usage rate and 44% winrate whereas phoenix have a 30% usage rate and a 56% winrate. It is literally one of the best or not the best card in the game


Log, goblins and royale giant are still incredibly broken


tornado nerf is not good at all since 2 ticks the skelly is way too much


i’m not sure where you’re getting the win and usage rate information; ewiz in fact does not exceed the pheonix in either of those.


I feel like Royal Giant has always been strong but sometimes it gets hits it doesn’t deserve. What happened to the initial RG first hit speed nerf?


I play 3.0 xbow. I really feel like increasing archer dps is not the way to save it (its already been done once and didn’t work well), because they are just hardcoutered by arrows and golden knight. tbh, just let them not die to arrows (like back in 2018). a simple damage buff makes they remain bad, and it might lead to increase in arrow use rate making them even worse.
on top of that, BUFF TESLA


I saw lots of people said nerf rg and I believed this is also true because it is the one of the two best wincon in the game


Firecracker has one of the worst win rates in grand challenge, if you buff archers with a faster attack I think you need to do the same with the firecracker.

Tesla is the worst building right now. It’s getting outplayed cause the cannon, bomb tower and the mortar are really useful.


I don’t use wizard, but he deserves a rework or a buff, his last change was five years ago.


don’t buff tesla please. it is already a pretty strong building being one of the two buildings to hit air. it has a decent hit speed and damage, meaning a buff will make tesla better then al the other buildings

The changes aren’t that great, there are more things that should be changed, and some are unnecessary. Here’s what I think:

• Goblin giant, queen, knight and Phoenix - changes are fine. About firecracker, I only agree since it’s a bug fix, I and many others hate this card. About archers, they’re also used in some mortar and gy decks and aren’t that bad. I think they’re gonna be too strong now in some cycle decks (mb not, time will tell). Don’t agree nor disagree.

• Rocket - I think you should add a buff as a comprehension to the nerf, cuz outside the tower dmg it’s not that good of a spell and I’d argue that most big spells are better and more versatile. About monk, I really think you should make him 4-2, because the ability was the problematic part, and making it 2 elixir makes it less spammy and harder to play it every damn time.

• Tornado - I disagree. This is just to hardcounter gy but give us a hard time against bats and other skeleton cards. Why even nerf it? I think you should just leave it as it is now, nobody complained about it.

• Except these changes, why not nerf rg and lavahound? Why don’t try making wizard 4 elixir and nerf some of his stats to finally make him viable? Like he wasn’t changed in 4 or 5 years, and was never in the meta. I say just give him a chance, revert everything if it fails.

That’s it, thx for reading my “short” essay.