Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale August 2022 (Season 38)

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Night Witch Rework:
Attack Speed increased from 1.3 seconds to 1.5 seconds. But can now target both air and ground units.
The last balance change patch mentioned that the goal is to have her be used more in many decks. Just like the zappies, giving her the ability to also target air units would increase her versatility.

Wizard Buff:
16.23 % health buff.
The wizard is a bit too squishy for 5 elixirs. Let it have the same health per level as an equal level witch. A few interactions will change, for example, he would take an extra hit from the Valkyrie, but will still die to the same amount of hits from the musketeer.


I think Ram Rider needs a buff too.
Most off the time she cant even reach the tower

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These changes are overall good except for one massive eye-scratcher. The Fireball has been THE classic, staple spell since 2016, receiving no changes to its mechanics or damage (aside from universal crown tower dmg nerfs) until 2022. It’s sad to see this classic card get nerfed because all the metas run such squishy cards like flyimg machine or skeleton drags. This really isn’t deserved and essentially ONLY buffs Balloon or idrag, in fact. Nothing else really has the use for the knockback.

Very disappointing to see ZERO Giant Skeleton nerfs.

Skele king nerf is ok but if we’re nerfing him then I think Queen needs a nerf too.

Fire spirit nerf is too massive but makes sense.

Finally, I would like to see a buff to Tesla and a nerf to Tombstone. Cannon is very meta (mainly due to egiant and champions), Tesla is very weak and unreliable against egiant, and Tombstone actually outperforms Cannon in winrates. In cycle decks your only option rn is either Cannon or Inferno Tower, with the latter being niche and not very versatile.


Please buff the Ram Rider she is the second least used win con.
And she barely reaches the tower.

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I think these changes are good, but as a massive Prince user (I’ve been using it since arena 2 and now I’m in challenger 2) I do agree that it is matchup based, however if you can use it and it’s paired up with a deck that can help take down it’s swarm-counter. (Ex: using Magic Archer, The Log, Arrows, and -maybe- Mother Witch) it stands a chance against ANYTHING, including Hog Cycle. One thing to Supercell, I hope they never give a massive nerf to Prince as it took me a literal eternity to get it to level 14. (I’m not a money payer and I’m not ashamed of it .:joy: ) I am however worried about the Mega Knight buff because when paired up with a good support card (Like Witch and/or Wizard) then it can be pretty difficult -but certainly not impossible- to counter. Especially for non Mega-Knight players like myself. I don’t really get the distribution of elixir within Elixir Golem, because using a simple card like Skeleton Army, Minions, and even Dark Prince can get the job done with my observations. However Elixir Golem is a top ladder card so I’m sure players out there who can squash me like a bug would agree with this change.

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i think reducing skeleton king ability radius would be better nerf. like reduce by 0.5 tiles that would make hit more skeletons with spells like snowball , log ,etc. also elixir golem is a 3 elixir card why would it give your opponent 4 elixir? about reworking elixir golem i totally agree.

I know it may seem bold, but making mirror “a champion” may solve a lot of its current issues. Specifically, having it so mirror and another champion can not be used in the same deck. Giving cards this sort of aspect isn’t that new, as mirror can’t appear in your starting hand, and with a champion, if it is your first card up in cycle — and you play the champ first — once it enters your hand it is unusable. My best example of how broken this is, is with Egiant, Mirror and Golden Knight. Although it is extremely broken right now, having GK paired in the deck allows players to do some broken card cycling. This neat trick is something I used to place top 1000 for the first time last season.
Basically you

  1. Golden Knight in the back
  2. Egiant in front, and activate ability
  3. then Mirror the egiant once the opponent has used their only building to defend
  4. Bomber behind for support
  5. Tornado everything in
  6. Egiant again, as the 3 card champion cycle puts it back in your hand
  7. and once again Mirror the egiant

This overall combination is absolutely horrendous and is currently being adapted into more decks. Another example would be MightMiner Bait.

  1. Might Miner bridge
  2. Goblin Barrel the tower
  3. Mirror the barrel after the opponent wastes their small spell
  4. cycle Skeletons in the back
  5. Fire Spirit bridge
  6. into a Goblin Barrel
  7. and once again Mirror It if the opponent uses their small spell

Basically, although few players have picked up on this in the lower levels, having mirror, a good win condition like egiant, goblin barrel, or goblin drill, and any champion on the field, is absolutely busted.

Besides this game-breaking issue, I do think Giant Skeleton is in desperate need of a nerf, with goblin drill falling not too far behind. This mega-knight buff isn’t enough either, but due to mid-ladder it probably can’t be pushed. Tesla is super weak in the meta right now, being the last choice for buildings in most decks, and night-witch is so terrible even golem players are abandoning her. Glad to see SC reaching out to the Community again!


if they are going to make night witch to attack air units as well then they need to change night witch’s mechanic completely because she basically uses her staff and hit units they need to make it like clash of clans builder base night witch who shoots beams like normal witch. unless they come up with a new mechanics.


The problem with EGiant isn’t the amount of tower damage it does, it is the amount of damage it does against troops, 1 EGiant is balanced but mirror this and you will have a +2 level EGiant, these lvl 16 EGiant zaps are doing to much damage, stunning the enemy troops, and they will basiclly just use tornado to pull and kill all troops whilst the lvl 16 EGiant barely has a dent in its HP.

I would like to see a Magic archer buff in the amount of troop damage, i think it lacks this but makes up for it due to the arrow piercing through enemy troops, but i think a decent amount of troop damage buff would do good for this card in the game.

I would also like to maybe see a change to the 3 card cycle, it is broken beyond words, maybe have it so that it is a regular cycle but the champion card appears grey until the current champion dies, just like when you use a champ first play, the mirror is also grey, sort of a same effect.

The elixer golem buff is certainly deserved, but however i feel like this will make the card to powerfull, certainly because the only EGolem deck out there is based on not defending any pushes.


Elixir golem

Personally I never had a problem with Elixir golem, but even so I think this is a great rework! I fully agree with that argument.


This is quite differend. I think Prince is realy strong card as it is now. He deals lots of damage and many players can play with him very well.
I don’t see any reason why buff him, but I wouldn’t say the buff is essential.

Mega Knight

I am playing this card for few years now. Recently they decided to nerf his spawn damage (and this buff doesn’t equalize it). But this buff is making MK bit useful again.


I don’t think he is week card, but not strong too. But this buff is probably justified.

Ice Golem

It will be interesting to see him in any new decks. Hopefully it wont be so annoying then :wink: . Great buff probally.

Golden Knight

Tank that is hard to eliminate especially if the opponent can play great with it. I welcome this nerf.

Skeleton King

Yes, it is strong card and this nerf isn’t bad, but I agree with you SML, it will be better that.

Electro Giant

My nightmare. I think there aren’t enough counter cards (if we aren’t counting buildings) and deal lots of damage too. Nerf is welcome.


I agree with that. There are other more specific pushback spells than Fireball

Fire spirit

Why are these things so annoying? And dealing that mutch tower damage? Finally some nerf!

Overall, I think these balance changes are great.

I realized this message is quite long, I hope it doesn’t matter. Please excuse any mistakes. (At least I practiced my English :wink: )


I would like to see a firecracker recoil nerf too, she recoils too far away.

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I understand that fire spirit needed a nerf, but why take furnace down with it? That card has low use and win rates.

Fireball nerf 1.2
Pleasw fix elctroo giaiant mirror op combo, costing 8 elixir won’t be a problem
Buff ram rider

+1 spirit furnace

rip xbow 3.0

first tesla then log and now fireball :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I think night witch can target both air and ground units. This rework-buff can make card more useable. And firecracker nerf. Her recoil is too long.

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These are good nerf ideas. Besides firespirit. I think firespirit only needs a crown tower damage reduction. Not an overall damage reduction. Make it do 150 crown tower damage. Not 274.

Then there’s mirror. Come on supercell. The mirror provides Insane value for only +1 elixir. I think it could still be good if it gave +0 levels for +0 elixir.
But even if you keep the mirror mechanics the same, it’s interactions with champions NEEDS to be nerfed. That’s what made it so obnoxious to play. If you play a champion after your mirror, your mirror should become unusable.

Then there’s the 3card cycle. I have a conspiracy that the 3card cycle is intentional and here to stay otherwise the champions ability would be the card icon like in clash of clans and not a silly button, but it needs to be removed. It skews the meta towards champions too hard. I thought we were all about deck variety?

Please take another look at the champion/mirror interaction. This needs to be fixed.

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I think that cards such as Rocket and Tornado need to be changed.

  1. Rocket deals huge damage for 6 elixir. Making Rocket for 7 elixir does not make sense, but it is necessary to reduce its damage to towers. Because the Mirror appeared in the meta, and the Mirror + Rocket combo does too much damage to the towers.
  2. Tornado is used in a huge number of decks because there are a lot of Rockets and Splashers in the meta. The tornado has TOO LARGE RADIUS. It can pull all defensive troops and Splasher will kill them (Baby Dragon, Electro Giant, Executioner, Wizard, Dark Prince or any big spell). I suggest reducing the radius of the Tornado a bit. This card is TOO strong.
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